Waiting (Meg)

Waiting is hard.
This summer in some of my classes we talked a lot about the concept of living in the tension between the “now” and the “not yet.” It wasn’t necessarily a new concept, but it’s one of those things that has stuck with me ever since that class. There’s this tension, this waiting, that we’re all essentially in.
As Christians, we live in the now – the post-resurrection world where Jesus has come and lived and died and risen again. So we are able to become members of His family, heirs to his throne. Our identity is now saint, not sinner. We live in the now.
And still, we also live in the not-yet. The world where sin still exists, where our hearts, while marked as Christ’s own forever by the seal of the Holy Spirit, are still also tainted by our previous sinful condition and the “leftovers” of our mess as we look towards what is to come. Our world is not perfect. We are not living sinless lives. Not yet, at least – not until we see Heaven in its glory and stand at the throne of God.
So we wrestle. We are Christians and yet we still sin. We want to do what is right, and yet our hearts are so pulled by the world, by our sin, by Satan.
And that tension – the now and the not-yet – we see that play out in so many aspects of our lives. This whole world lives between Jesus’ first and second comings. We, as a people, as a generation, live between the now (Jesus came) and the not-yet (He’s coming again).
It’s easy, then, to make a connection with the gospel and my life. The things I’m waiting for – things like where I’ll be this summer or where I’ll be next fall, things like when next steps in my life are happening or when I’ll fully report on campus – those things all can be met by God in the tension of the gospel.
He has set me here, where I am now, with a taste of what He’s bringing me to come, but has not yet allowed to be.
How then, do I see the gospel?
I see that there is hope! There is something beautiful to wait for! And yet, there is something here, and now, that is beautiful in and of itself. There is beauty in crying out to the Lord and saying, “I can’t do this alone!” and there is beauty in recognizing my own humanity of not being able to do it all. I am humbled because I am dependent.
Where does God meet me in this dependency?
He says, Meg, you are dependent. BUT I am worthy to depend on! I am worthy to trust! I am worthy to follow. Have you seen Me? Have you seen My Son? I led him to the Cross! He paid your penalty. He paid your debt! He died for YOU because I LOVE YOU. And death couldn’t hold Him down! He is ALIVE! He rose again, bringing abundant life to those who believe. You can trust that You will see sinless perfection one day. You will see Jesus face to face. Because I love you, you have HOPE to look towards.
That is the beauty of the gospel. Relationship with God. Experiencing His love. Knowing I can trust in Him, because He showed the ultimate sacrifice for me… because He loves me.
Jesus meets me here in the waiting.
I look to Him; He gives me life.
But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.”
– Psalm 31:14

a thursday prayer (Brooke)

Last March I started praying—praying that God would give me a heart to choose stillness over busyness and worship over worry. And, I prayed that I would actually just pray instead of talking about praying.   I prayed that I would be prayerful for people & pray continually. It has been a journey that has really changed me.  I am very thankful–& still learning and growing.

One particular day last March I decided I wanted to start praying for myself and every girl that I had had the privilege of discipling since joining staff with Cru{10 years ago, ah!} and every girl that was and is involved in the Cru ministries here in Tidewater(many who I don’t even know). Since then I have prayed this prayer (almost) every Thursday. This prayer has become so dear to me and Thursday prayer mornings are a very favorite:
Jesus, I pray that every day you would remind us of the deep and unfailing love that you have for us. I pray that any doubts that we might have will be wiped away by your gentle and kind reminders of Your love.  I pray that we would know that nothing can separate us from your love. I pray we would be full of faith and listen well for Your Voice.  I pray that we wouldn’t live comfortable lives but would take risks for your glory.  I pray we wouldn’t settle but would serve and love boldly.  I pray that we would walk humbly with you, with eyes a w a k e & open to be ready to go, do and say what you might wants us to say today and everyday.  I pray that we would be women of prayer.  Trusting you for things big and small.  I pray we would see you moving and answering our prayers.  I pray that when you have us in seasons of waiting that we would wait well and wait with much joy.  I pray for the mountains that we might be facing right now- I pray that we would trust you with it- that we would realize that nothing is impossible with you! And, that you are in control of all things.  I pray that we would be women that depend on you and do nothing before seeking you.  I pray that we would be women of your Word.  I pray we would cling to your promises. I pray these promises would set us f r e e.  I pray against any lies that we might believe– I pray we would not give into the enemies timely words but would remember who YOU are God.  Guard our minds.  Please make us more aware of Your presence.  We need you each day Jesus to guide us.  We know you are good.  Help our hearts to be quick to remember you each day.  I pray that we would be bold with your love and surround ourselves with people that know You and people who don’t yet know You.  Let our lives count for You.  In Your name, Amen.
You have been prayed for today.  Happy Thursday. You are loved.  
–>There is a tab to the right where you can share specific prayer requests..  Every Tuesday afternoon all the staff girls are together for a prayer time.  We would love to be covering your requests in prayer.  
prayer changes things.