Monday Minute//Freshmen [Brooke]

Hello & Happy Monday.  It’s a new week, a new start.  His mercy is very new.

I read this this morning:

—> a whole lot of our praying is for things that won’t matter when we’re dead.

ahem. whoa.

Oh Lord let it not be true.

I immediately started thinking about the semester ahead.— the incoming freshmen that are packing to come to Richmond & Tidewater.

Freshmen that love Jesus and walk with Him now– and will grow even closer to Him in college. Praise God.

Freshmen that love Jesus but will get swept up in other things.  The battle is real and the college campus is a h a r d place to keep walking with God. By senior year their hearts are weary and have forgotten that God is kind & all together loving.

Freshmen that want to know Jesus.  Freshmen that come hurting/open/searching for answers that only Jesus can answer.  College becomes a turning point where Joy is found. Praise God.

Freshmen that want nothing to do with God that become seniors who want nothing to do with God.

So many eternal things are at stake.  Prayer for freshmen matters & can change things.

Pray with me today for these freshmen.

Pray that many would walk closely with Christ for a lifetime & that many would come to know about the love of Christ in college.

Pray also that Jesus would revive ODU, CNU, W&M, VWC, TCC, TNCC, & VCU.

To God be the glory.

John 10:10:: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Monday Minute–What’s God’s Will? (Brooke)

Hello friends.  I hope your Monday went well.  

Throughout your day today did you wonder: is this what God is calling me to do? OR is this the right person for me to date? OR is that where God wants me to move? OR is this the major He wants me to pursue? 

Is this really in God’s will for my life?

Well, I just read a chapter in Elisabeth Elliot’s book Keep a Quiet Heart and she talks about 3 questions to consider when considering the call of God in your life:

1. Have I made up my mind to do what He says, no matter what the cost? {I love this question and genuinely believe that when we fully surrender to God in the every day things and the big things that cost us—the real adventure with God begins in so many ways.}

2. Am I faithfully reading His Word and praying? 

3. Am I obedient in what I know today of His will?

—I think these questions are so great & will help you examine what God might be calling you to do—

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.  Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Psalm 143:8

Putting together your own prayer journal {Brooke}

One of the very best things I have done in the past couple years is start a prayer journal/outline.  I used to be SO very overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to pray for that I just didn’t pray.  This simple guide (inspired by my friend Colleen Fraser) has truly helped my prayer life to bloom & I am so thankful.

 Here is a very simple overview of how to start and maintain your prayer journal: Your prayer journal really only needs to include 8 pages but can include way more if you want to write out your prayers:

1. Pick out a journal or set aside a section of your already existing journal.  I use a simple Moleskine journal and love it.

2.  Write out the things you want to cover in prayer every single day.  For me this page includes Brian, future family things, myself {that I would walk in the Spirit, be obedient, be productive, & faith filled, etc etc}, my dad, and Brian’s family.  Your everyday page can include anything your heart desires.  I also have specific scriptures or requests for each person.

3. Write Monday- Sunday on the next 7 pages( Monday at the top of one page, Tuesday at the top of the next and on and on). Think through what you want your 7 categories to be.  These are things you want to make sure you are praying for weekly.  For me the categories are:

Monday: dear friends. I have their names listed out and their kids names.
Tuesday: our amazing ministry supporters.  
Wednesday: Our staff team past and present & our Tidewater campuses.
Thursday: every girl I have ever met with for discipleship (see this.)
Friday: for the people in my life that don’t yet know Jesus
Saturday: the future ministry dreams we have//RVA expansion
Sunday: personal dreams that Brian and I have.

**With each category I have specific things I pray for each day: For example Wednesday: the staff team–I pray for each of us by name and pray that we would: be men and women of the Word, that we would walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, that our marriages would be fun and full of grace, that we would pursue holiness, that we would be prayerful people, that we would be stunned by God’s love for us, etc etc. 

I keep an index card paper clipped in my journal for shorter term extra requests that pop up throughout life.  Like friends missions trips, surgeries, etc etc.  

Organizing my prayer life has really helped me apply Colossians 4:2, Devote yourselves to prayer being watchful & thankful.

HUGE DISCLAIMER: 1. I am not perfect at keeping up with this everyday.  It’s a fight to slow down and pray but so so worth it.  2. This is just to help with intercession and supplication– don’t forget to praise God, thank God, and confess.