Monday Minute//Communion//Brooke

This book! Have you read it?  Like the subtitle says it is indeed wrecking my comfortable Christianity. Thank God.

This book is based around the parable found in Matthew 25:32-40. Read it here.

Along with this there are more than 2,000 verses involving poverty, physical oppression and justice, and the redistribution of resources.  All the while I am memorizing pretty verses and missing a lot of the heart of God.

I just wanted to share with you one of the oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-breathe-this-is-so-true-help-me-Jesus excerpts from this book:

on pages 56-57 regarding communion:

“Do this in remembrance of Me”…Not only does Jesus’ statement require a constant response, but remembrance is from anamnesis, meaning to make real.  Communion is more than a memory, more than a reverent moment when we recall Jesus’ heroic sacrifice.  Remembrance means honoring Jesus mercy mission with tangible, physical action since it was a tangible, physical sacrifice.  In other words, “constantly make this real.”

The Lord Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body, which is for you, do this in remembrance of Me.” 1 Corinthians 11:23-24

“Now you are the body of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:27

Not only was Communion a symbolic ritual, it was a new prototype of discipleship  “Continuously make My Sacrifice real by doing this very thing.”

Become broken and poured out for hopeless people.

Become a living offering [denying yourself] for the salvation and restoration of humanity.

Obedience to Jesus’ command is more than looking backward; it’s a present and continuous replication of His sacrifice.  We don’t simply remember the meal; we become the meal.”

Monday Minute//Praise & Anxiety// (Brooke)

I sat down this morning to pray and get the week started but the anxiety was heavy.  My shoulders tensed up and my stomach started to ache with all the decisions that need to be made, the To Dos that need to be done, the conversations that need to be had. sigh.  

My mind was full of concerns.

& I had forgotten that He is able.

I forced myself to think about what is t r u e of God.  My circumstances will come and go but God is the same yesterday, today, & forever.  Praise God.

It started slow:

You are good.

& faithful.

You love justice.

You give peace.

//my heart started getting lighter//

You can do impossible things.

You are powerful.

You set people f r e e.
You care and carry our burdens.
You are the Great Shepherd.
You show us grace upon grace.
You are my best thought by day or by night.
You hold all things together.
You love the nations.

//my problems started to seem small//burdens l i g h t e r//

You are a restorer.
You move towards the unlovely.
You are Love.
Your kindness leads to repentance.
You are Strong.
You love Truth.
You are Holy.
You make me hopeful.
You love forgiveness.
You are eternal.
There is none like You.
You are creator & sustainer.
You calm storms.
You are the beginning and the end.

You are God.
You are God.
You are God.
You are God.

Amen & Amen.

The intentional kind of love (Brooke)

Yesterday I was sitting across the table from an ODU student/dear friend and we were talking about goals/hopes/dreams for her upcoming semester.  Right away she said  —->I want to really love people this year. The intentional, living life with love.  And, I want to do this with people that haven’t experienced this. She started sharing about the girls in her human services program and the steps of faith she wants to take with them. 

“love your neighbor as yourself.” -Jesus

I was inspired.  
What a way to spend a semester.
And it just starts with one little step every day/every week.
Oh but warning: this is hard. intentional love requires a dying to self. a putting down the phone. a listening ear. a moving towards a person. a putting aside of your agenda & your schedule.  
real love always requires sacrifice. 
& will always be worth it.
It’s a long journey….and the best journey.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:7  (consider memorizing this over the weekend)

break out your journal today & answer these two questions.
1. Over the next 4 weeks who do I want to show intentional love to?
2. How will I do it—have a huge brainstorm session here…write down anything and everything that comes to mind…{bringing them coffee in class, praying for them every morning when you get up,  listening well to them…etc etc etc}
::thank you for living for eternal things on your campuses.  You are making a huge difference. I love you::