Stay Awake Monday//Lasting Thoughts//Brooke

I often [regularly, repeatedly, often] times forget that Philippians 3:20 is true:

But our citizenship is in heaven.

I get incredibly caught up in the here and now.
I forget that eternal, significant things are at stake.
I shouldn’t be nesting here.

One thing I am trying this week is writing out every verse that can keep my mind focused on what is true–instead of drifting off into “what ifs” and worrys and anxiety.  <— this is my mega default by the way.  I must replace my crazy thoughts with lasting thoughts.

This morning  I went through my Bible and wrote out many of the underlined and starred verses in my Bible–ones that encourage me to keep fighting the good fight of faith. [1 Timothy 6:12]  This way when I have a weary moment or a worry moment  this week I can flip open my journal and they are all right there.   It’s amazing how filling our minds with truth can make all the difference in our mind set.   Will you practice renewing your mind with His word with me this week?

Stay Awake. 

Hope is now our Song//Brooke

Easter became real to me my junior year of college.  I don’t know why then, since I had been a Christian since 4th grade but that’s when it happened. I was home for the weekend of Easter–up late reading when it hit me.  

death has been defeated.

the thing I dread
and wonder about
and fear.

The God I have come to know and love–came to earth to live with us, die for us & defeat the thing we dread.  He is Victorious over my worst fear. He is victorious over what many say is our “end”.  He says it’s just the beginning.  

No one else has ever died. and then conquered death.  Until Jesus. 

He is indeed:
all powerful.
all God.
all good.
newness maker.
hope returner.

1 Peter 3:18 says:

Christ suffered for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit.

Hope is now our song because of the resurrection.  
Live freely in this freedom. 
Slow down and thank him this weekend.
He is the One.

Happy, Happy Easter.

Oh, and if you are having questions//doubts about the resurrection(that’s ok!) check out this article. Feel free to email us too[click on the ‘question’ icon on the right].

Stay Awake Monday//Be Ready//Brooke

Last Wednesday night before Cru at Christopher Newport University a student leader rushed over to Brian and me with the widest smile I’d seen all week.  He was kind of out of breath but ridiculously happy.  He waved his hands around to gather a few more people and then he shared how a friend of his had just decided to walk with Jesus, forever.  He went on and on and on about how this guy had grown up knowing things about God, had even come to a couple Bible studies that he led, but had never made the decision until today.  

One HUGE thing that stuck out to me from this scenario was this—> “I just asked him a simple question while walking home from dinner, “What was your experience like going to church growing up?”  And from there everything unfolded.  A simple question.  Lots of listening.  A few more questions. And then in the most natural way this guy was able to sit down with his friend and walk through the message of the gospel.  

I really want to get better and better about slowing down, listening, and asking questions.  I think so many people are closer to wanting to know God than we think.  You could just be a question away from the best day!

If you want to get better at asking questions here are some “wondering questions” to think through. Some are cheesy and you would never want to use them in a real life scenario.  Others are spot on and might be the next step to a significant conversation.

Stay Awake.  It’s so worth it.