About Us

H  E  L  L  O.  We are so very happy that you are visiting our blog and pray this will be a place where you are encouraged.  We love working with Cru here in Tidewater & Richmond — it is a true honor to serve you on your campuses. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your walk with the Lord. {Also, we would love to be praying for you—please email us with any requests that you might have!}

All the girls on the staff team will be contributing to this blog- some weekly & some monthly.


Hi my name is Brooke–thanks for stopping by this blog. My wonderful husband Brian and I moved to Tidewater 6 plus years ago to start Cru ministries in this area–it has been and continues to be one of my favorite adventures. We adopted a sweet baby girl in August 2015–Cara Jane is a delight!  We are also in the process of adopting a 3 year old boy from China.  We prayerfully can bring him home in early 2016. Some of my loves are: dachshunds, green tea, breakfast sandwiches, early mornings, reading, prayer, and all things stripes & dots.  My favorite things to talk about are surrender, mission and how much God loves us.  I pray you will be encouraged as you read this blog.  You are loved. {Brooke’s posts}
Hi friends– My name is Laura and I’m thankful you’re here! I’m a Wisconsin girl, transplanted to this southern Virginia world so I can live life alongside my fun-loving husband, Dan. We’re learning every day that we have a greater need for our Savior then we realized even yesterday. Life is messy. People are messy. But my heart beats to have people and all the chaos crowded together in a room, seeking God and living life together. Because I’m learning that God uses His Word in conjunction with the body of Christ to bring restoration to the depths my soul. And I want to be a part of it. I love early mornings, running, exploring new places, adventures outside, tea and lavender lattes. {Laura’s posts}
 Hi! I’m Meg. Let’s be friends! I wish I could have you and some friends over to sit around my table or on my front porch, share a meal, and laugh and get to know each other a little more.  That’s the best.  My husband, John-Mark, and I live in Richmond, VA where we serve on staff with Cru. We love investing in college men and women and watching God change lives. We have one son, Jacob, in Heaven. We got forty weeks + five days + seven beautiful hours with him before he entered Eternity. Right now we are learning “on the job” what it means to walk with Jesus while pulled in the tension between sorrow, grief, and joy.  I hope you know you are loved, that Jesus is better, and that there is a place for you here – wherever you are! {Meg’s posts}


Hi! I’m Lindsay and I am serving with Tidewater-Richmond Cru, specifically in Richmond! My husband, Brandon, my little girl, Ryah, my little guy Roman, and I live in, walk and run, and love the city of Richmond (RVA). I am passionate about seeing Jesus and God’s Word change people’s lives in unexpected and beautiful ways. I love to laugh, and do so with uncontrollable volume at times. In addition to my hilarious hubby and my precious (wild) children, I can easily get excited about college students, coffee, adoption & foster care, crafts, running, outdoors, dark chocolate covered pretzels, Jesus making all things new, friendships, and living life on mission. Thanks for allowing me stop in on this blog (and your life) from time to time! 🙂 {Lindsay’s posts}
I’m Nita and I am a graduate of VA Tech, I joined Cru staff in 1972, and I have served with Cru in New England and several areas of the world as well as with Cru Military.  Presently I serve with Cru Valor as a part of the National Leader Team.  I love family, reading, gardening and my dog Lucy. {Nita’s posts}
Hi, I’m Jocelyn! I gave my life to Jesus at a young age, but it was during my college years and involvement with Cru at IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania – crazy confusing, I know) that my intellectual knowledge really started to move toward heart knowledge. Jesus grew my heart for ministry along the way – specifically a love for investing in younger women’s lives – and I joined staff with Cru during the summer of 2015! I’m thrilled that I’ve been placed on the Tidewater Metro team and am so excited to be a part of how God is moving in people’s hearts there! I’m really passionate about ice cream, Chipotle, and coffee. I have a slight candle addiction, and I love documenting moments of my life through videos on youtube (and Instagram.. and Snapchat :p). Playing guitar & leading worship in the past has been one of my favorite ways to connect with the Lord. I hope that you’re blessed and encouraged by the women on this blog, & that you’re able to find some common ground & know that we’re in this adventure of life together. My personal blog is singinghisgrace.com. Stop over there or on social media and say hi at any time! 🙂 {Jocelyn’s posts}
Hey y’all, I’m Katie! I grew up hearing of Cru because my parents met at a Cru prayer meeting in the 1970s. I got involved my first weekend at UNC-CH and fell in love from there. Even though I grew up in a Christian household, in Cru I learned to study the Word more deeply and consistently than I ever had before and I learned to share my faith with greater confidence. I never could have believed before then that God would want to use me to help change people’s lives for eternity, but, as I grew in my walk with Him, he showed me that this is exactly how He wants to use me.  I’ve served in East Asia for 2 years, at Marshall University for 4 years, and then I was at NC State until this handsome guy named Brian whisked me away to Virginia Beach. Luckily Cru was just getting started here so now I get to keep on seeing God change lives. My focus at this point is mostly Virginia Wesleyan! I love swing dancing, watching Tarheel basketball, drinking Starbucks frappaccinos while chatting with a good bud, and walking at the beach! {Katie’s posts}
Hey Ladies! I’m Steph and I graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in Social Work. When I think of my college experience, I’m most thankful not for my degree, but for the fact that Jesus pursued me and drew me into a relationship with Him. I believe God uses relationships and community to transform lives because that is exactly what changed my life in college. I love my amazing husband, loyal family, friends, and church. I also enjoy sunny days, getting past the small talk, baking yummy things, being a wife and mom, chocolate, taking walks, and dancing! Zach and I have been married since December 2012 and were blessed with our first baby in June 2014. {Steph’s posts}
Hello hello! I’m Kathleen and I’m a new addition to the Tidewater-Richmond team! I spent the past 4 years of my life in a magical bubble known as Christopher Newport University. While there, I chose to be involved with Cru because I identified with their mission statement most closely and the community was so welcoming. With graduation approaching, I had some big life choices to make and decided that the best way to answer God’s calling and utilize my Communication Studies degree was to intern with Cru. So here I am, interning in Richmond, VA and loving it! Other things I love: cozy blankets, waffles, podcasts, driving with the windows down, and cloud formations. I am passionate about and excited to see the Gospel spread in Richmond as we reach more campuses and start more movements where God’s love, peace, and grace can be shared.  {Kathleen’s posts}
My name is Heather.  Jesus captured my heart when I was a freshman at WVU in 2005, which is one of the reasons I am passionate about college ministry.  A few of my interests include (but aren’t limited to): my family, sports, reading great books, learning, C.S.Lewis, all things West Virginia, math, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and crosswords.  The loudest you will probably ever hear me is when I am watching a WVU or Steelers football game.  I’ve been married to Ramsey since 2011 and we have a sweet 1 year old boy! The first 4 years of our marriage we worked with Cru in the Tidewater region. We recently moved to Morgantown WV to work with Cru at WVU! {Heather’s posts}