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I’m engaged. Jesus is still better.

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13 days ago I got engaged to a man that I’ve known for 8 years now. His proposal was completely unexpected. He was so diligent in preparing and settinPicTapGo-Image (11)g everything up, and the whole thing went down flawlessly. I felt so loved and special in that moment. This was something I knew would happen this summer, but I was not expecting it so soon! It was probably the most exciting day of my life thus far. I’ve also never seen my dad so excited or teary-eyed (which for a daddy’s little girl, that’s a big deal). Daniel and I have gotten the privilege to know each other for so long, and therefore we’ve been allowed us to see so many neat things and experience great things together. He is faithful, dependable, honest, kind, gentle, and very intelligent. Our relationship has had many trials and many joys. However, we’re only human. We’re broken. We’re sinful. There is only 1 aspect of our relationship that’s perfect; God.

God is holy. Therefore, His will for our lives is good, pleasing, and perfect (Rom 12:2). Lately, His plan for me has been good, really pleasing, and I’d agree it’s perfect! But earlier this year while I tried to walk with my best friends through much deep pain, they would have still said His will was good, pleasing, and perfect.

No matter your individual circumstances, no matter how discontent you are, God is the same. He is the same in the past, present, and future tense. He is still good and so is His will for your life. So where you are right now, it is good, pleasing, and perfect because He is good, pleasing, and perfect.

My relationship with the Lord is better than my relationship with Daniel. The Lord is more faithful. The Lord is more dependable. The Lord is more honest. The Lord is more kind. The Lord is gentler. The Lord is more intelligent. The Lord loves me more. He is always going to be more. He will always exceed our expectations, our desires, and our needs. He is Lord.

Lord, you are holy. You are more than I can comprehend. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a relationship with you.

Please continually remind me of your will; your good, pleasing, perfect will.

Please show me how to be content in you.

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Hello! My name it’s Victoria Taylor and I wrote the blog above while I sat here on the beach! This week I’m enjoying some rest and relaxation!  It’s been a crazy month of May. I attend Christopher Newport University and plan on graduating in the spring in Psychology, minoring in Biology and Leadership. This summer, I am preparing to marry my (now recent) fiancé, working, and applying to Occupational Therapy graduate schools. I love being outside.  I enjoy hiking. I am a coffee addict. I absolutely love my border collie boys (featured in photo). I love Jesus and am amazed by the way He loves. This semester I learned a lot about grace, and now I’m learning about spiritual disciplines and some theology. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and getting to know me!

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